Chuck Smart


Navigation and the Loss of Time

On or about the seventh day . . . put to shore 32 degrees S/SW from last transmission . . . what appeared from afar as a breast was in fact a volcano as was the island itself. Stop.

Within hours, was greeted by friendly natives and taken to a place of great comfort. There I met six Sirens and an older witch who all spoke in most unordinary ways of pleasure, suffering and the care, feeding and utilitarian value of men.

Men? But I see no men, only myself reflected in the clear waters below. How can this be?

The one called More filled my glass over and over with a most fragrant elixir and to the table brought sweet meats, cheese and placed her warm hands on my neck to enhance the elixir. Intoxicated now by the smells, taste and sight of these Amazonians, I was dazzled and confused but for the old witch who used her power to clear my mind. Soon after, however, she was taken away, as if she was no longer useful, by four of the siren sisters who attended with great care as to her safety and station.

The moon now high over the volcano, yet time and tides seemed to halt as a new dimension unfolded a world not of land, but of visions and overwhelming desire. The one called More summoned her apprentice to lay on the table then changed her into a thing so rare that only my own dreams had shown this to me before and even then I could not awake and speak of what I had seen. This too is surely a dream.

My hair now grown half down my back marked the measure of time past. The tide of the other world was about to turn to the open sea ... it was time to make way.

As I walked toward the beach I saw More place food, water, tea and a white dress, stained in front - the mark of one cycle of time in this land - on my raft. This I used as head sail to make for home.

On the sea now with wind from aft I fell into a deep sleep. I know not how long or how far was this retirement. When I awoke I was dazed and bewildered, my toes stained red like the sail. Back now safely on my island with fresh supplies and open mind, I look past the horizon and wonder, ever dreaming of the next sail.

C. Morgan, Anno 2000


Copyright © Chuck Smart. All Rights Reserved.